Comparison of Post-Study Employment Offers for International Students

Students are increasingly opting for post-graduation depending upon the employment opportunities available to them; thus, there have been detailed articles mentioning the challenges students face upon securing employment in their desired field and in lieu of their education. The article cited, “It is no surprise then that these markets, which also charge the highest differential tuition fees for international students, have sought to position their brands around employability through policies that allow international students to work during their studies and to stay in the host country and work for a fixed period after graduation. These same countries also recognize the value of retaining the highly qualified graduates in their labor market and periodically revise their immigration policy settings to align with changing market conditions.”

Different countries have different working rights upon completion of their course, below listed is a simplified version of educating the post-study work rights in various countries.

Country RankingPost-Study Work (years)Bachelors Study (years)Masters Study (years)
New Zealand1 – 333
Australia2 – 422
Germany1.5 (+2 for STEM graduates)1.51.5
United States111
Ireland0.5 – 20.5 – 12
United Kingdom0.3 – 10.30.3 – 0.5

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