Multiculturalism is part of the Canadian ethos, and central to its national policy. This not only attracts immigrants to settle in Canada but also international students seeking opportunities to study abroad. In recent years Canada has become one of the most preferred overseas education destinations; thanks to its progressive immigration policies and world-class educational facilities.

With an aim to attract 4,50,000 international students and researchers by 2022, Canada has made it easy for international students to study and work in their country. This has resulted into significant growth in number of students choosing to study in Canada. In particular, business education offered in Canadian universities is becoming popular among international students.

According to a report issued by The Graduate Management Admissions Council, the Canadian Business Schools have recorded a growth of 7.7% in international students applying for MBA programs as compared to 2018.

Experts of MBA programs in Canada state that enrolling students from across the world helps build cultural intelligence and gain global exposure. The diversity in the classroom establishes global environment – shedding light on the world economy and improving cross-cultural communication skills among students, prepping them for success in the international work arena.

In 2015, the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University recorded 65% of International candidates applying for Management program at the University. As interest of students in Management programs continue to rise the university has witnessed 87% of international students applying for MBA in 2019.

One of the driving forces behind popularity of MBA courses in Canada is that Universities are taking over the social media platforms to place admission advertisements, organize recruitment fairs, webinars, and other activities. These efforts to attract international students are backed by the Canadian government and around $148 Million for over 5 years have been invested for the purpose.

The most alluring factor that leads to students opting for MBA in Canada is the strong career prospects offered by the country to international students. Canada is well known for its liberal post-study visa policies. The MBA students also receive the advantage of these policies and are allowed to work in Canada for 3 years once their course is completed.  This saves them from the stress of securing a work permit if they are willing to work in Canada.

Besides bright career opportunities, global exposure and top-notch education facilities, the post-study work permit gives an edge to students seeking PR opportunity in Canada. As per reports, in 2018 nearly 10,950 candidates who once held Canadian study permit received Canadian PR status.


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