If students apply for Study Permit on time along with all the necessary documents and are accepted at ESMT, there is likely no chance of getting rejected. Also, the cost of living in Germany and the tuition fees in German colleges are less compared to other countries in Western Europe; thus, benefitting overseas students.

With an enrolment of International Students in Australia rising by 11.4 percent in 2018, Australia has emerged as the new popular destination among students opting for overseas education. In fact, it is the second most preferred country among Indian students seeking higher education abroad.

Among various scholarship programs offered by Australian Universities and Institutes, here is a new scholarship for Indian high-school students who are interested in practical and innovative courses offered at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

The new UTS In-search Aspire Advantage Scholarship is designed for Indian students with high academic aptitude who can complete the first year of the course they opt-in a fast-tracked eight, six or ten months diploma program.

The UTS In-search program will help students realize their dream of studying in Australia and attending the leading young university of Australia – The University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Belinda Howell, Chief Market Development Officer for UTS In-search, stated that Indian students looking to study in Sydney will get immense benefit with the UTS In-search Aspire Advantage Scholarship. The accelerated courses offered by UTS will help high-achieving Indian students to grow fast in education and career.  The University of Technology, Sydney has also collaborated with several leading industries and start-up enterprises which will serve as an advantage for students to gain practical knowledge and industry experience. The UTS In-search diploma courses are designed in collaboration with the University of Technology, Sydney. This means the educational outcomes for diploma students are the same as for first-year students studying a UTS undergraduate degree.

Once the student successfully completes the diploma, they are also eligible to get admission in the corresponding UTS undergraduate degree. In most cases, students directly get admission in the second year. The new UTS In-search Aspire Advantage Scholarship, thus facilitate students to adjust in the new education system and get exposed to the fast-paced learning environment.

The education programs in UTS In-search are specifically tailored to meet the need of students who are new to Australia’s education system. Besides, it also provides free access to support services like earning Support Program, one-on-one tutorials, study skills workshops, and full-time dedicated Study Success Advisers for all the UTS In-search students. The education program also ensures that the classroom consists of only 20 students so that every student gets individual attention.

According to UNESCO Global Flows of Tertiary-Level Students, nearly 693,750 international students are enrolled in Australian Universities in 2018, with more than 1 lakh students belonging to India, which is 12.4 percent of overall international enrollments in Australian universities and colleges.


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