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Here at Winny, we make sure every statement of purpose goes through a rigorous quality check before submission. We have a team of content writers who are well versed in drafting convincing essays to get admission in any college you desire. These content writers will help you write a solid statement of purpose - one that reflects your personality and sounds convincing enough to be considered for an offer letter.

We study your profile in-depth to understand your personality, plans, future prospects, and career options. We suggest the changes in your SOP as per your profile. After we suggest the changes, your SOP is proofread and edited by our expert team of content writers. Once your SOP passes the required quality tests, it is forwarded to the quality department.The quality department checks for any further discrepancies in your SOP and other documentation. After your profile is edited and proofread, your documentation

is submitted to the college/university of your choice by our Admissions department.

Letter of Recommendation

Apart from SOPs, we also help you with Letter of Recommendation. It is very important that you approach the right people who will recommend you for further studies. We make sure your LORs are free from quality errors that can degrade your reputation in front of the university/college you are planning to study.

Here at Winny, it is our effort to make sure you can study in the college or university of your choice and become eligible for a well-paying job or business in the future. Whether you plan to settle in India or abroad, Winny will be a partner in your decisions and your success.

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Foreign Education 13 September 2019

UK brings back Post Study Work Visa

The UK Government has announced two-year post study work visa for international students for the academic year 2020-21. This new change in the immigration norm will allow international students to stay in the UK for the period upto 2 years post completion of their studies. However, the students would not…

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Foreign Education 9 September 2019

Canadian Study Permit: Reason for Refusal

Pursuing a degree from an internationally recognized degree is a dream of many students. Especially, Canada is the dream destination for international students to get into.  When you receive the letter of acceptance from a Canadian university, it seems that everything is sorted. However, it can be a lot harder…

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Foreign Education 6 September 2019

Free Education in Germany: Pros and Cons

Germany is seeking a substantial number of international college students to apply to its colleges and universities to pursue their career. The territories from which international students are eligible are from Asia, America, and Africa.   In 2014, the Germany Government has eliminated the tuition fees for domestic and international…

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Foreign Education 2 September 2019

Canada to Diversify International Student Intake

Federal government of Canada unveiled a five-year international education strategy to drive innovation and expand diversity to increase global ties.  According to the government’s strategy, it recognizes that international students have a strong presence in Canada. The strategy also shows that around 570, 000 foreign study permit holders contributed over…

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Foreign Education 26 August 2019

Your First Week in Canada

With all your hard work to get admission to study abroad in Canada, finally you have the opportunity to achieve international degree. So, what next? Well, there are several things you will need to set up as early as possible to make yourself comfortable over there. Here is the checklist…

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Foreign Education 23 August 2019

Germany Attracts Huge Number of Indian Students

Germany has been a center of attraction for Indian students to pursue education program. As per the latest enrollment data issued, “India is a third most popular country to prefer Germany for pursuing further education.” Even the data of 2017/2018 winter semester says - there were around 17,570 Indian students…

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Foreign Education 23 August 2019

London: World’s Best City for Students

Second time in a row, London has been ranked as the world’s best student city in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking. The institutes here are recognized as the best centers to pursue high-quality education with high-quality employer activity and student diversity. “It is no surprise that London is popular among the…

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Foreign Education 19 August 2019

Changes in Funds requirement for Study in Germany

According to the foreign student information portal, there is a change in the funds or financial requirements for foreign students in Germany. “By September 1st, foreign students who are seeking to migrate to Germany will be required provide proofs that they have enough financial support throughout their stay. A minimum…

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Foreign Education 14 August 2019

USA Education: Delay in the Work Training Visa for International Students

August 1, 2019, the College Administration Department has announced that there has been a delay in visa processing for students and fresh graduates incapacitating them for temporary jobs and training programs to enhance the career. International residents from Canada to China have observed extended delays in getting Optional Practical Training…

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Foreign Education 10 August 2019

IELTS Exam: Tips to Score Higher for Academic Students

The International English Language Testing System is a well-known English language proficiency test conducted by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia. The exam is an English test that once cleared open up opportunity international study, work, and migration.   The IELTS has accepted over 9000…

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Foreign Education 7 August 2019

New Zealand faces Delay in the Student Visa Processing Process

There is a huge delay in student visa processing from overseas education, particularly in India. The educational minister announced to make amendments in the vocational education sector. High-risk student visa application from India is seeing a huge delay in the visa application process across New Zealand, NZ. According to the…

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Foreign Education 3 August 2019

Canada Student Education: Downfall In Express Entry Program

The Express Entry, the approach wherein the candidates get an opportunity to be a permanent resident of Canada has seen a significant downfall in 2018 as compared to the year 2017. There were a substantial number of international students who were invited to immigrate via Canada’s Express Entry Program which…

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Foreign Education 31 July 2019

New Zealand creates New Alliances to focus on English Proficiency

New Zealand had signed an agreement – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the New Zealand universities and English language schools. The MOU was signed on June 19, 2019, between two main bodies, broadly known as Universities New Zealand – A body which represents all the universities within New Zealand, and…

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Foreign Education 27 July 2019

Comparison of Post-Study Employment Offers for International Students

Students are increasingly opting for post-graduation depending upon the employment opportunities available to them; thus, there have been detailed articles mentioning the challenges students face upon securing employment in their desired field and in lieu of their education. The article cited, “It is no surprise then that these markets, which…

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Foreign Education 25 July 2019

Overseas Education: Changing Trends and Favorable Factors at Play

With the changing trends and the number of factors available in the coming days, students have received abundant factors to consider their overseas education. To begin with, the ranking of the college or university has become less important compared to other factors such as cost of living, employment options post…

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Foreign Education 22 July 2019

Five Canadian colleges recognize Pearson PTE

Pearson has announced that five colleges in Canada will be using its PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic test. The test is recognized by 90% of the country’s post-secondary institutions. The computer-based test is going to be recognized at the following colleges: Holland College, Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandOulton College in…

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Foreign Education 18 July 2019

4.5% increase in international enrolment in France

With the French government’s announcement of the new international education strategy last fall, the increase in the number of foreign students has been seen. As per the latest strategy, the government targets to host 500,000 international students by the year 2027. The government has backed up the new strategy by…

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Foreign Education 15 July 2019

Work Permit time-line delay for students in the USA

The number of international students has increased in participation in Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the US in the last few years. The program allows authorized foreign students to stay and work in the United States for up to 12 months after their graduation. The students graduated from STEM (Science,…

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Foreign Education 13 July 2019

Germany’s International Student enrolment growth

As per the annual reports from German Academics Exchange Service (DAAD), the number of international students in Germany has grown to 3,74,580 enrollments of foreign students in German universities in 2018 that shows 4.4% growth compared to 358,900, previous year’s enrollments in 2017. Two most popular fields of study are…

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Foreign Education 9 July 2019

UK launches Global EdTech Hub to educate Underprivileged regions

The UK government plans to invest £20 million for a global research project with the aim of boosting digital skills in underdeveloped regions across the world. As per the project that is launched by the Department for the International Development at EdTechX Europe 2019, the EdTech hub will bring British…

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Foreign Education 2 July 2019

Business Management degree: New majors introduced at Mount Royal University

Bissett School of Business of Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta introduces three new majors in business degree programs that will help students stand out in their job searches. Alberta province recently approved the university’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a major in Finance, International Business, and Supply Chain Management.…

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Foreign Education 29 June 2019

Overseas Education: Credit goes to Career Inspiration

The season kick-starts with great enthusiasm for overseas universities and college admissions; where the admissions procedures have seen a positive inclination towards cross-border studies. According to the educationalist and varied consultants, the key factor for the abroad education points towards career prospects. With numerous employment opportunities, work experience, co-op programs,…

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Foreign Education 26 June 2019

Fascinating Opportunities Overseas – 2019

With rapidly emerging globalization, students are busy figuring out the best course and universities overseas to pursue higher education. After the US, UK, and Canada, the most preferred countries by Indian students are Australia and the EU. Surveys and statistics claim that Indian students will be working more towards grabbing…

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Foreign Education 22 June 2019

Australian Cities Attract Indian Students

Australia has become the most favorable and promising option for Indian students seeking foreign education. In addition to its leadership in a large number of various study courses such as sports management and science, technology and scientific research and development, the country has given Indian students numerous more reasons to…

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Foreign Education 20 June 2019

Social Media and Websites – The Ultimate Source of Assistance for International Students

Any individual seeking a foreign education traverses through a number of facts and questions in order to build up and plan a soothing career prospect for his/her future. The generation – Y is reaching its peak, collaborating with numerous people across the globe through digital media; which include majorly organization…

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Foreign Education 17 June 2019

Checklist for an Equable Student Visa Application

International education presently is believed to be the best weapon to change the world in a better way. Students, on a global level, carry dreams of studying abroad. The most popular countries that students seek for gaining knowledge and experience are listed down to Canada, the US, UK, and Australia…

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Foreign Education 14 June 2019

Things Indian students must consider before opting for a foreign degree

The number of Indian students opting to study abroad has been steadily increasing over the years. Despite being home to acclaimed universities, India is one of the leading countries when it comes to students leaving the country to win an international degree. Reports suggest the number of Indian students studying…

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Foreign Education 11 June 2019

Apply in these International Universities based on your GRE score

When choosing to study abroad, it is a challenging task to pick the right university. Once the students receive their GRE scores, the next step involves applying at the universities based on their scores. Though there are lots of universities under several score brackets to choose from, but it is…

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Foreign Education 7 June 2019

All about Work Opportunities in Canada for International Students

Canada is one of a few countries in the world that facilitates its international students to work part-time. With the high cost of living and whopping tuition fees, it becomes difficult for international students coming from developing or underdeveloped countries to meet their expenses. In such a situation, a part-time…

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Foreign Education 5 June 2019

Top Scholarships for Indian students to pursue higher education in Germany

Germany is a home to many top-ranked universities in the world that offers countless courses in globally-recognized universities. Besides, Germany is comparatively affordable and offers several scholarships for international students seeking a university degree abroad.  The student-friendly policy of the country is another factor that attracts a considerable number of…

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Foreign Education 1 June 2019

Essential Tips for Students Planning to Study Abroad

If you are planning to study abroad, you certainly are making one of the most rewarding decisions of your life. An overseas education experience is enriching, gives you a global exposure and benefits you in ways beyond your expectations. No matter for how long you have been preparing for studying…

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Foreign Education 1 June 2019

TOEFL exam set to undergo major changes from August 2019

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam conducted to measure the English language proficiency of non-native speakers is set to witness significant changes effective from August 2019. In the latest amendment made in the format of TOEFL exams, many noteworthy changes have been introduced. The changes made…

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Foreign Education 28 May 2019


The United States accommodates top universities in the world. The top-notch education system and range of courses offered by universities in the US, makes it the first choice among international students seeking higher education overseas. At present, around 30 percent of all international students in the world are studying in…

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Foreign Education 25 May 2019


Whether you are looking for a jump in the corporate career ladder or wish to obtain higher level managerial jobs, an International MBA degree can bring for you better career opportunities.  A management degree from a reputed B-School will get you exposed to enormous growth and development opportunities; hence it…

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Foreign Education 21 May 2019


Multiculturalism is part of the Canadian ethos, and central to its national policy. This not only attracts immigrants to settle in Canada but also international students seeking opportunities to study abroad. In recent years Canada has become one of the most preferred overseas education destinations; thanks to its progressive immigration…

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Foreign Education 18 May 2019


Australia offers a wide range of scholarships for international students seeking education opportunities abroad. However, when it comes to applying for overseas education, finances come as a constraint for many students. In such a scenario scholarships prove to be a great help for the students. Here we have listed for…

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Foreign Education 15 May 2019


Hospitality is one of the fastest growing sectors today comprising of segments like hotels, travel-tourism, events, restaurants, airlines, cruises, transportation, and luxury services; the hospitality industry is experiencing growth for no less than 10 consecutive years. Owing to the presence of diverse sectors in the hospitality industry, a degree in…

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Foreign Education 11 May 2019


Green Talents, an International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development has invited research scholars from across the world to apply for the annual Green Talent awards. The awards hosted annually by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) felicitates 25 young international researchers and recognizes their efforts…

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Foreign Education 7 May 2019


Higher education in Canada has evolved in recent years, thus making it an appealing destination for the students looking to study overseas. Canada is a multicultural society; is a tolerant nation making it one of the safest countries for International students. Canada is comparatively affordable than the USA and many…

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Foreign Education 2 May 2019


Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have introduced a new service standard wherein overseas students applying through Student Direct Stream (SDS) will get their study permit processed in 20 calendar days.  The Student Direct Stream (SDS) is a program specifically designed for lawful residents of India, China, Vietnam, and the…

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Foreign Education 29 April 2019


If you think your dream to study in the UK is far-fetched due to financial constraints you certainly are not aware of the many scholarships offered by the UK Government and Universities for international students. Among many scholarships awarded to Indian students, here we list for you top 10 active…

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Foreign Education 27 April 2019


If students apply for Study Permit on time along with all the necessary documents and are accepted at ESMT, there is likely no chance of getting rejected. Also, the cost of living in Germany and the tuition fees in German colleges are less compared to other countries in Western Europe;…

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Foreign Education 19 April 2019


Academic Institutions in the UK are an undisputed winner when it comes to offering excellent educational infrastructure and top-notch distinguished teaching methodology. The world-renowned universities, globally recognized courses, rich heritage, and diverse culture of the UK make studying in the UK an intriguing experience. Though the top universities in the…

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Foreign Education 13 April 2019


Education New Zealand has announced its first-ever scholarship for Indian students seeking undergraduate education in New Zealand. The New Zealand Excellence Awards undergraduate scholarships package was announced on April 17, 2019, and will be granted to 18 Indian students. The selected 18 students will receive a scholarship of $10,000 each…

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Foreign Education 10 April 2019


The excellent educational infrastructure and top-notch teaching methodology of the UK make it a popular choice among students looking to study abroad. The UK boasts of top universities in the world that have been consistently performing well in world rankings. Besides, the cosmopolitan society of the UK also makes it…

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Foreign Education 6 April 2019


Business schools in Germany are thriving like never before, resulting in an increase in interest of overseas students to pursue MBA programs in Germany. Another factor that is luring overseas students to Germany is its booming job market and flourishing entrepreneurship. Full-time MBA applications in German Business Schools have recorded…

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Foreign Education 3 April 2019


With strict visa restrictions and increasing intolerance for international students in the USA, Indian students have drifted their choice when selecting a destination to study abroad. At present, Canada and Australia are emerging as the new popular destination among students opting for overseas education. Canada’s new international education strategy aims…

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Foreign Education 1 April 2019


According to QS World University Rankings, India ranks second when it comes to students who leave the country to study abroad. The total number of Indian students going abroad to pursue their higher education has been steadily increasing over the years with the USA, Canada, and the UK being the…

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Foreign Education 30 March 2019


According to latest trends, studying abroad has become increasingly popular in the last decade. Therefore, it has become imperative to understand the elements that impact international students’ experiences in foreign campuses. Identifying these factors will not just help in ensuring the well-being of international students but also help in attracting…

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Foreign Education 28 March 2019


Canada’s federal budget 2019-20 has announced a significant investment for new international education strategy. The budget released on March 20, 2019, allocated a budget of CDN $147.9 million (US $110 million) for the initial five years to strengthen the education strategy. However, the ‘Fall Economic Statement’ issued in the year…

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Foreign Education 24 March 2019


Australia is one of the most preferred destinations among International Students for overseas education. International education also represents Australia’s third largest export. In recent years, the country has witnessed considerable growth in the number of overseas students opting for education in Australia. A recent report released by the government of…

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Foreign Education 22 March 2019


The United Kingdom government has announced a new International Education Strategy outlining two ambitious targets for 2030. As the UK is prepping up to leave the European Union, it is taking significant steps to reach out to global markets and maximize the potential of the International Education sector. The UK…

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Foreign Education 16 March 2019

Deakin University offers four High-Value Scholarship to Indian Students

Are you seeking an opportunity to study in Australia? If yes, then you will be pleased to know that Deakin University, Australia has announced four High-Value Scholarships for Indian Students. The scholarships will be awarded in partnership with Indian Organizations and will offer 100% tuition fee waivers for the entire…

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Foreign Education 14 March 2019

Get Closer To Your Dreams: Finance Your Studies Abroad With Student Loan

Studying abroad is not just about earning an international degree but is an experience of a lifetime. Global exposure along with a degree from a renowned institute abroad certainly has the potential to accelerate a student’s academic graph by leaps and bounds. Thus, making education in countries like the USA,…

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Foreign Education 13 March 2019

New Zealand’s Fourth-Largest Export Sector is Education

According to reports from Education New Zealand (ENZ), it shows that export incomes for the country’s international education sector sustained to grow strongly through 2017. ENZ reports total sector exports of NZ$5.1 billion (US$3.5 billion) for the calendar year, NZ$4.8 billion of which was credited to spending by onshore students visiting New…

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Foreign Education 11 March 2019

Master’s degree in the UK brings Entitlement to a Number of Advantages

There are several benefits to pursuing a Master’s degree in the UK: Due to the quality education provided by the UK, the country has retained its position as a top study destination with highly qualified teachers along with best-in-class infrastructure and excellent research facilities.Home to some of the worlds the…

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Foreign Education 5 March 2019

Preparing its Student for Strong Economy British Columbia

A slowing economy and the lowest unemployment rate in Canada are giving post-secondary students something to celebrate on British Columbia (BC) Colleges Day. Many students enrolled at the eleven (11) public colleges in British Columbia are electing training that makes them prepared for jobs in high-demand areas including Technology, Trades,…

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