Indian Students benefit from Student Direct Stream

With the implementation of Student Direct Stream (SDS), it is a relaxed study permit processing for students specifically Indian students. According to reports, the processing time has reduced to 45 days from 60 days post introducing SDS. This is not the first time that Canadian government has offered such privilege to Indian students; instead, earlier it had introduced Student Partners Program (SPP) but this was applicable to students applying to 47 Colleges/Universities participating in this program. The introduction of SDS comes as a point of relief for Indian students when the UK government has decided to exclude Indian students from easier visa processing norms. The major advantage of SDS stream is that students require lesser financial documentation and the processing time is much faster than the regular study permit process.

In addition, the eligibility criteria include the payment of first-year tuition fee along with acquiring Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAD $10,000; minimum score of 6 bands in IELTS exam in each module; submission of the upfront medical certificate. Once all the required documents are submitted within the specified timeframe then it will be much easier and faster to process the study permit.


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Student Direct Stream Student Visa Consultant