The excellent educational infrastructure and top-notch teaching methodology of the UK make it a popular choice among students looking to study abroad. The UK boasts of top universities in the world that have been consistently performing well in world rankings. Besides, the cosmopolitan society of the UK also makes it a perfect destination for students to experience the global culture.

For students planning to study in the UK, it is important to understand the requirements they must meet when applying for a study visa. To start with, the first thing students should know is that the UK offers two types of study visa – Short Term Visa and Tier 4 Visa. The candidates who are planning to come to the UK for an educational program of fewer than six months’ duration are eligible for Short-Term Visa. Whereas, for students applying for an educational program that will last more than six months, are entitled to Tier 4 Visa.

How to Apply for a Study Visa?

Applying for a Study Visa for the UK is an online process. It requires the applicant to obtain a ‘Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS)’ form from the university they choose to study in. Once the form is received, the applicant can visit the official website Visa for the UK and apply online. The next step is to take an appointment at the nearest visa application center of the UK embassy to submit the application and biometric information.

The CAS statement is valid only for six months. Therefore, once the statement is issued application should be made within six months. Moreover, the applicant should make a point of applying for the visa at least three months before the start date of their course.

Short Term Visa vs. Tier 4 Visa

To apply for a Tier 4 visa the Indian students must have an offer from a university or college that has been approved by the UK government as a ‘licensed Tier 4 sponsor’. The institute that offers admission to the student is also responsible to sponsor the Study Visa for the students. Study Visa is issued for a particular course the students opt for.

However, Short-Term Visa candidates are required to obtain a letter to support entry to the UK. The short-term students have certain restrictions like they are not allowed to take employment in the UK either part-time or full-time. They are not permitted for work placement or internship. Also, they are required to leave the country within 30 days after their course ends or their visa expires, whichever is earlier.

Studying in a university in the UK is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new people, experience a new culture, and enjoy new experiences. If overseas education is what you are looking for, then the UK should be your first choice.


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