Checklist for an Equable Student Visa Application

International education presently is believed to be the best weapon to change the world in a better way. Students, on a global level, carry dreams of studying abroad. The most popular countries that students seek for gaining knowledge and experience are listed down to Canada, the US, UK, and Australia with France, Germany, Italy, and Latvia also having a substantial student flow.

Based on a recent survey the number of students who approached international education from India and China was recorded as 5.8 lakh, which comprises of 49.5% of the total international students. While pursuing the dreams to seek a degree from an international organization, there are countless aspects necessary to deal with. The major documents to be prioritized while heading to the academic journey can be listed down to visa, passport, travel documents, offer/acceptance letter, financial documents (proof of funds), essential academic qualifications, language test scores, proof of international health cover, and other necessary stuff. Make sure you know all your entitlements upfront, as every country has a different set of conditions for student visas. Once you get your visa, taking a little time to understand the finer aspects of your visa category can be insightful.

A few points that you need to keep in mind while preparing yourself for the process.

  • Do not delay: Be sure with cataloging all the necessary documents a few days before you need to leave. Be aware of the timelines and processes defined by the respective country as it differs from country to country.
  • Get medical tests done: In addition to the immigration laws, health restrictions for each country are also a matter of concern. Before receiving the visa, mandatory health insurance is required as per the laws of a few countries.
  • Beware of fraudulent entities: Students approaching consultants to seek guidance are the easiest targets by making them prey through fake emails, and phone calls.
  • Search out local connections: In a completely new place, you may take some time understanding the local resources; whilst you never know what kind of resources are right under your nose. Someone you know might have family, friends or another local connection that could end up being invaluable.
  • Emergency networks: List down the emergency link for correspondence around your place of stay and study such as a bank, hospitals, and police stations to avoid any kind of disputes while managing and settling your new lifestyle along with studies.

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