First week as a student in Canada

Are you a student visa holder and about to fly to Canada to start your program or have already landed in Canada? There will be various things which need to be taken care of to settle down in completely strange country far from your homeland. Here’s some basic tasks are given that should be planned and completed within first week, that will have to accelerate your journey as a student and you can concentrate on more important things.

Day – 1: Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

  • SIN number opens the doors of various social services in Canada as well as other benefits you are entitled to receive. As a holder of Canadian study permit, you may be allowed to work upto 20 hours a week and more during scheduled breaks/holidays.
  • If you permit states that you may “accept employment” OR “may work” in Canada, you can apply for SIN. It is free and provided on the same day. Though it is better to allocate more time for it as waiting hours at Service Canada center can be lengthy.

Day – 2: Register at the University or College

  • Make sure you proceed with registration process and given ID card as well as other relevant information. Once you have received the student card, enjoy various benefits like student discounts on many of the stores as well as transit pass which is offered in many cities.
  • If you have not set up your cellphone yet, it is right time to do it. You can always find out about the best services and contracts. Get connected with people around you.
  • Open a bank account after you have cellphone. There are several large branches in Canada and you can always compare and choose the best one for you as per the benefits provided to students.

Day – 3: Find out more about Student Life:

  • Orientation week is the chance to have fun given by Canadian institutions. These days before classes are usually packed with activities, tours, information sessions, and lot more. Here you have chance to meet people and make friends.
  • Prepare base for your academic journey. If you don’t have the timetable, get it and sort it. Get established to the classes of your interest which are provided by universities on the website. While making timetable, make sure you have enough major as well as minor subjects with proper credits as you will require minimum number of credits to graduate. You can find information on the website itself. It is not something you should worry about, but always be aware.

Day – 4: Get out of bucket and step into outer world

  • As you have complete the most of things, it time to step in the outer world. It is time to explore things out campus, know your nearby places and explore city as well. Go out and get to know the local environment, places in city and anything you find interesting.

So, by this time, you might have settled down in a new place. If you have made through this difficult week, you will do it in coming times as well. Always be organized. Bon Voyage for the new journey that is going to be followed.


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