Study Predicts Global Higher Education Growth Until 2040

A recent study by Massification of Higher Education Revisited has observed that there is a continuing growth for higher education. The study also predicts that there would be more than 600 million students enrolled in the universities across the world.

The below table illustrates that the total number for International Education would rise to approximately 380 million by 2030, 472 million by 2035, and 594 million by 2040 – an increase of 216 million from that of 2016.

Year Number of International Students
2009 99.9 million
2015 214.1 million
2020 250.7 million
2025 305.9 million
2030 377.4 million
2035 471.7 million
2040 594.1 million

The projected pace of growth is predicted to be 4.2% per annum. According to Mr. Calderon, Principal Advisor for Planning and Research at RMIT University, Melbourne, “this may seem staggering but the world economy doubled in size between 1990 and 2016. Furthermore, export in services from developing grew tenfold between 1990 and 2014 whilst growing at half the service exports service amongst advanced countries.”


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