Survival Guide – How to get the right job after graduation

Every year thousands of students come to Canada to pursue their dream. After long-waited hard work and dedication, most graduates look out for employment opportunities that coincide with their future goals and career options. It is also necessary that the skills and knowledge acquired during study be put into practice.

To help you get a good job after completing your study, there are few things you can do to instantly improve your employability.

Build a strong professional network – Network with people in your industry. In most cases, companies like to ask around to choose the best fit for a specific job. Professionals with years of experience advise that one should build a strong professional network. This can be done by getting in touch with individuals who are about two-three years into their careers. You can use networking sites like LinkedIn or even social media sites like Facebook to build your professional network and find a better job.

Don’t Shy Out – Sometimes the loudest bunch of people get the attention. If you are shy, start by getting social early. Start conversing with your fellow students and don’t be afraid to ask queries to your professors during and after class. If you are too shy, join a group or a club or some organization based on your interests. These will build enough confidence to ask for what you deserve as an employee.

Make your school contacts count – Most of the lasting relationships are built during the academic years with faculty members, students, visiting professors, and previous colleague with similar career goals. Don’t just ask for a reference letter. Keep a consistent professional relationship. They may refer you to the right people and back.

Polish your resume – When you prepare the resume/CV, make sure it is easily accessible and easy to navigate. Most resume writers recommend that an ideal resume is one-page with a cover letter attached. It should stand out from the pile of resumes from potential employers. Make sure it is easy to scan, concise, and easy to read. However, your cover letter should steal the show. It makes you unique and explains how you traits are actually useful for the job.


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