UK launches Global EdTech Hub to educate Underprivileged regions

The UK government plans to invest £20 million for a global research project with the aim of boosting digital skills in underdeveloped regions across the world. As per the project that is launched by the Department for the International Development at EdTechX Europe 2019, the EdTech hub will bring British Universities, research companies, and education experts together to help children, teachers, and governments in developing countries to walk along with the new technology in their classrooms.

The EdTech hub will run for eight years and is formed by top leaders of the University of Cambridge, the Overseas Development Institute results for Development, Brink, Jigsaw, Open Development and Education, INJINI, Afrilabs, e-Learning Africa, and BRAC. The institutes are going to work in the direction of the modernizing the under-developed areas and help them grow digitally as well as educationally. Of the £20m, they have planned that half funds will go in favor of research-based in low-income-countries, with 35% allocated towards supporting tech deployment in governments and 15% on innovation.

Harriett Baldwin, minister of Africa, ‘Educational technology can transform how children learn, but in many developing countries it is often only available in the wrong language or schools do not have the right tools to keep their software in working order, that’s why UK aid is supporting the creation of the EdTech hub to help millions of more children receive the quality education they deserve and reach their full potential.’

The University of Cambridge is pleased to be involved in a crucial research program. With the continuous technology changes, it needs to adapt to the cultural and monotonous solutions simply don’t work. Hence, coming up with a new solution for new problem will help in digitalization of the backward regions across the globe and the project ensures that no one is left behind in the modernized development on the global level with such an incredible initiative.


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