Academic Institutions in the UK are an undisputed winner when it comes to offering excellent educational infrastructure and top-notch distinguished teaching methodology. The world-renowned universities, globally recognized courses, rich heritage, and diverse culture of the UK make studying in the UK an intriguing experience.

Though the top universities in the UK need no introduction, if you are looking to get enrolled in one; you must make an informed decision. Here, we list for you top Universities in the UK and details of the best time to apply in these universities.

  • The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the most prominent universities in the world. It is home to the leading center of learning, teaching, and research. Oxford University has 38 colleges and 70 departments, which accommodates more than 3,000 undergraduate students and 5,500 graduate research scholars. For Undergraduate admissions, students can apply before October 15 every year and for post-graduate courses, the time limit to apply is November of the previous year or January 20 for September session.

  • The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a leading residential university offering multiple courses to more than 18,000 students from all corners of the globe.  It has 31 autonomous colleges and 150 departments. Students seeking undergraduate and postgraduate education can individually apply in the colleges by October 15 and December of the year before the academic session, respectively.

  • The University of Manchester

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to experience true personal and professional growth, you must go for the University of Manchester that offers courses in three major disciplines viz. medicine, science & engineering, and humanities. For undergraduate courses, you must apply before October 15 of the year before your academic session.

  • The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has three colleges offering courses in Science and Engineering, Medicine, and Humanities. It also accommodates 20 schools offering courses in Business, Arts, and Economics. To apply in the University of Edinburgh, the undergraduate students have to submit their applications before September 6, and the postgraduate students can apply a month before the course starts.

  • Imperial College London

The Imperial College of London is one of the top universities in the UK focusing exclusively on science, engineering, medicine, and business. For undergraduate students, the application deadline is January 15 and October 15 of the previous year. However, the postgraduate students have to apply before January 15 with an exception in medicine discipline, where they need to apply before October 15 of the previous year.

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

The university comes with 26 departments focusing on subjects like politics, anthropology, and economics. Admissions for the postgraduate courses begin in October every year and for the undergraduate courses, students have to apply before January 15.

  • Kings College London

Situated in the heart of London, King College offers multiple courses in disciplines like Humanities, Social Science, Law, and Medicine. If you are looking to study at King’s College you must apply before January.

It is important to note that the admission dates mentioned here are tentative and subject to change. There are several courses for which application dates may vary or the admissions are done on a rolling basis; therefore, it is advisable to check concerned university websites for updated information.


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