UK TNE Students outnumber International Students by 60%

According to the latest UUKi’s latest report by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the International Students’ numbers for the UK Universities has risen from 707,915 students (up to 1%). Transnational Education (TNE) activity has been reported by 138 universities and reached 228 locations (an increase of four) around the world.

Four in five of the UK TNE providers comprising of 84.7% delivered to 74,180 students from Malaysia and 69, 855 students from China, which have been recorded as top countries. In the overall scenario, Asia has the majority of the UK TNE students comprising 48.7% followed by Africa i.e. 22.5%, EU nations i.e. 10.9%, the Middle East i.e. 9.6%, the US i.e. 4.6%, non-EU Europe i.e. 2.8%, Australasia i.e. 0.6%, and South America i.e. 0.4%.

The report also predicted that the UK’s overseas education students and degrees could look like a steady pace of growth or even slowing.


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