Know the Universities that are the most sought after to impress the graduate recruiters

The students planning to pursue higher studies are mostly concerned about the job placement. Certain colleges and universities have built up an impression by their curriculum, standard of education, and skilled students that attract the employers and companies for campus placements. Many MNCs tend to select the students from such universities to grow with the best man power and help them grow as a professional.

The Graduate Employability Ranking based on the views of 42000 employers, brings such universities that are most likely to impress the graduate recruiters. The annual University World Ranking shows the students who are considering future job prospects as well as academic achievements. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) tops the list which is known for its high status of technology and innovation. Amongst the top five universities, first four places are occupied by USA universities.

Here is the list of top 10 universities, the students of which are most sought by employers and higher chances to impress the MNCs with their names written on the certificate:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
  2. Stanford University, US
  3. University of California, Los Angeles, US
  4. Harvard University, US
  5. University of Sydney, Australia
  6. University of Melbourne, Australia
  7. University of Cambridge, UK
  8. University of California, Berkeley, US
  9. Tsinghua University, China
  10. University of Oxford, UK

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