USA Education: Delay in the Work Training Visa for International Students

August 1, 2019, the College Administration Department has announced that there has been a delay in visa processing for students and fresh graduates incapacitating them for temporary jobs and training programs to enhance the career. International residents from Canada to China have observed extended delays in getting Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Visa – said, Jay Vyas, Director of Residency program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.

“If the visa is not approved by the federal government, residents are not allowed to the next level where they cannot take care of patients which all in all effect on our hospital” – he further added.

MGH is one of the largest teaching hospitals of Harvard University, wherein, 900 students have applied for the visa out of which 400 have been approved according to the unexpected administration report. “The selected students are the ones who are going to cure cancer that will solely impact on American medicine.”

 “As per the immigrant advocates, such delays in processing visa, OPT, and training are not limited to selective colleges; they are nationwide which is creating a big problem,” said Ron Klasko – American Immigration Lawyers Association’s leader.

“The average waiting time for an OPT visa which allows students to get training was a maximum of three months. And, if is not processed within three months of period, one can go to the local office for the approval, Klasko added. Of all, this is a serious problem all around the country that needs to be resolved in a very immediate note.

However, the rule was terminated by the Trump government, thus, since last year, these applications are taken more than the 3-month time frame; it has exceeded between five months to seven months. Due to the delay of the application in the time frame, many international students’ visas are getting expired, thus, tremendous fear is increasing amongst students of denials, delays, and end results of legal immigration is being laid off.

Concerns are raised of this continuous trend, stating, if the processing time is not brought down, it will affect the American higher education in the coming future. Resulting in, the downfall of visas and the education industry will lose its ranking.


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