The USA Government to expand its job opportunities for International Students

A new report says that the federal government is expanding its program list for foreign students graduating from American Universities. This would allow the STEM students to stay in the country for temporary employment post completion of their study.

The report established by Washington based firm states that the foreign students studying under STEM would be able to secure F1 Visa Holders who have completed school and work up to 1 year. In the year 2016, 172,000 International graduates were employed through Optional Practical Training [OPT] and more than half of them were specialized in STEM sectors. Between 2004 and 2016, about 74% of OPT consisted of Asian Countries and students from India, China, and South Korea consisted of 57% of the total population.

Though OPT or F1 Programs are not renowned, these are considered the first stage for receiving an H1B visa at a later stage. After the significant drop in foreign student enrolment in US Colleges after 2016 Presidential Election, this step might be considered a relief to the students aiming to study in the US.




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